All member organizations get full time, real journalists covering their company and organization. All reporting is independent of company agenda. Journalists have fiduciary duty to report objective, vetted information to your stakeholders and audiences world-wide

Membership Pricing & Benefits

Weekly Update - $1,995 per month



Weekly Update members receive Light News Coverage producing one fantastic news story every week. 

Perfect for Weekly Updates- Reminders- Announcements- Events- 

This membership level Includes: 

Full News Coverage Summarized  Weekly

•1 News Article  

•1 News Video  

Ideal for small companies or organizations wanting to establish a relationship with stakeholders.

Daily Coverage - $4,995 per month



Daily Coverage members receive Daily News Coverage producing one fantastic news story every single day. Perfect for active organizations, municipal agencies, small public companies

This membership level Includes: 

Full News Coverage  Reported Daily in:

•1 News Article per day 

•1 News Video per day 

•1 Press Conference or Press Release per month 

Ideal for small to medium companies or organizations wanting to build a relationship with stakeholders and recognition as leader in related industry.

Press Corps - $7,995 per month



Press Corps members receive a full news correspondent team covering activity in the organization, industry and markets related with full news articles and news videos published throughout each and every day

Press Corps Membership level Includes: 

Full News Coverage Daily in:

•4 News Articles per day 

•4 News Videos per day 

  • Industry view
    Inside View
    Market View

•1 Press Conference monthly 

•2 Press Releases monthly 

Ideal for medium to large companies or organizations wanting to dominate industry related news centric to the organization and build an audience based on interest in the organization and industry related activities. Stakeholders will have front-row seats to the activity in your company and industry from multiple view points throughout each day. 

Streaming Channel - $ Custom Quote


Streaming Channel Members will receive a full news channel with streaming news and information targeting specific audience levels across multiple departments to carry out agendas with unique purposes. 

Large companies and organizations will have a unique team of hand selected journalists and professionals prepared to carry out a full interactive broadcast with respect to  sensitive information  affecting the security of your organization. 

Streaming Channel members will have an entire set designed and built with placement in one or more strategic locations to maximize the reach and access to policy makers and executives leading your organization at designated levels. 

Streaming Channel members can expect pricing to range from $12,000 per month to $150,000 per month depending on variables of desired results.

Membership Benefits to MN1.org

Advantages for Every Member

 MN1.org is a full service professional news association comprised of businesses, organizations and government agencies who wish to maximize the freedom of the press and guarantee full transparency to their stakeholders. 

Member organizations leverage mn1’s powerful news platform to guarantee full news coverage by professional journalists and have relevant, vetted information published and delivered to their stakeholders and the communities they serve every single day.

MN1.org members will have automatic independent news attention, journalism, publishing and distribution of articles and videos packaged for easy consumption and sharing to their stakeholders over mainstream media outlets to assure all stakeholders are reached and new audiences are developed. Audiences will be truly informed consistently with deep coverage of each organization.

Audiences are easily identified as stakeholders in each organization at each and every level of involvement: Employees, shareholders, clientele, communities served and society as a whole and will be truly informed on a daily basis at a depth depicted by membership level.
Regardless of membership level, mn1 will create relevant content for audiences and build audiences into the millions very quickly.
The advantage to MN1 content creation, publishing and distribution is:

  1. Consistent, automatic news curation and delivery. 
  2. Packaged in article and video news for easy consumption & sharing 
  3. Articles are Investigated, sourced, written and published by professional journalists 
  4. Produced and published professionally with aesthetic mastery 
  5. Omni-Published to all social media platforms equivalently or fairness and to meet your audience where they are 
  6. Constant growth of distribution and relevant audience 
  7. All content is delivered pure and ad-free for elimination of outside influence in the informing cycle 
  8. News on every organization is Sourced, Accurate, consistent, transparent, Trusted

MN1 eliminates information scarcity and news blackouts that leave organizations unknown by their own stakeholders and vulnerable to malicious publishing by fake news or news hacking by having competitor advertisements placed right in the middle of your news articles and news videos.  

Isn’t it time you maximized the 1st amendment to the advantage of every stakeholder in your organization? 

Join MN1.org to have transparency delivered today. 

MN1.org | Transparency Delivered 

MN1.com| Be Truly Informed 


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