Without added burden to you.


You need to know three (3) things to determine our efficiency in helping you achieve your agenda:

1.  Our Strategy

2. Our Formula 

3. Our Execution



Deploying Our Strategy


Create fluid, consistent media, 'centric' to your organization and agenda that engages, informs, entertains and calls your audience to action.

Nothing engages and informs quicker than high quality video in short bursts.


Identify your potential audience (Customers, Stakeholders, Employees). We are hunters. We will find your audience where they eat, sleep, work and play. Then we aggregate their device information to know who they are and when they eat, sleep, work and play. 


Pull your audience into your world by placing highly relevant, stellar video content combined with news articles, related news and entertainment, right in front of them in perfect timing to their needs and behavior. 


Integrating your consistent, informing, entertaining content into your audience’s daily media diet through evolving, captivating content relevant to their needs. The key is keeping all content short and concentrated while entertainingly informing them where they can go to remedy their loss or potential loss. 


Action is the key to our success. Having your audience take action to acquire the solution that your organization provides after informing them consistently that you provide the best solution for them, is where the rubber meets the road. There is no failure if properly organized and executed. That’s our job.  



Applying Our Formula


1) We create content in multiple approaches to the market. Primarily we use the 3rd party news approach. It works. It is informative with out selling the product or coming across too pushy. 

We utilize positive and negative such as shock about how college students are ‘abusing’ your product. That gets published and soon all the other college kids are ’abusing’ your product the same way. 

2) We identify your targets based on three audience levels: 1) Employees & Vendors; 2) Stakeholders, and; 3) Customers.

Then we utilize multiple methods to aggregate them by individual into audience groups utilizing geofencing, groups, news, data purchasing and many more. Audience target lists can reach into the millions of individuals, whom we identify by cell phone and other networks.

3)  We create content relevant to your audience(s) and publish to them over the platforms they utilize for entertainment, work, consumption, etc. The content we create will execute your agenda and is very dynamic. We can create the tide and float with it. 

Its most important to reach your audience over their preferred platform which provides a third party attachment. This lowers the barrier to reach and capture your audience. 

4) We deploy additional methods which will take your organization to the top of search engines and keep you there forever. Really.  The most important way to execute your agenda is to be found when your solution seekers are looking for you or your solution to their problem(s). 

You will be found by them and integrate them quickly into an interactive member of one of the 3 audiences you serve. 



Successful Execution

 1) We write a news article relaying important information about you to your audience

2) We create a blurb of that article with a picture.

3 That article is linked to a press release and is published as a news article to the major news distributors.

4) Then a video news lede is created for that article and set to target potential audiences and existing audiences on each platform they enjoy using.

5) The audiences are targeted through geofencing to maximize audience agenda candidacy. Audience sizes can range from one specific candidate to millions of candidates.  

6) That video is then published to the audience over all common platforms so that each audience candidate/ member can conveniently receive the news and information on the platform(s) they are most comfortable and familiar with. 

7) The video is designed as a teaser, or ' video blurb', leaving the audience wanting more information.

A link to the article providing more details regarding the subject of each video is provided with encouragement to read more by clicking the video and link below.

8) Audience members are then led to the related news article to satiate their curiosity. Links will drive audiences to the appropriate site(s) per campaign agenda. 

9) A link, or more,  in each news article, provides a means to satiate curiosity by your audience, causing beneficial interaction with your organization.





 You shall build a ridiculous audience in such a short time that your name, purpose and value propositions will live in the frontal lobe of your audience(s).  


 Information about your organization will be prolific in a matter of weeks. Your position and rank within your industry will show well as the top publisher of information, a sure sign of expertise to new audiences that discover you through searches and research. 


 The SEO on this is insane. Your organization will build top billing in the most relevant searches related to your field on the major search engines, where you shall remain. Nothing drives business in the modern age like this. 


  By providing consistent, relevant, powerful information in entertaining formats in short packets, your audience develops a real connection with your organization and people within, which instills a loyalty and trust exceeding all competitors in your industry.  


 Your employees may be recognized for excellence which sets the bar for all other employees. Your culture and unity will be strengthened and better led to execute your agenda. Your audience will fit in and be shown where to participate within your culture to als better execute your agenda. 


 Having a large interested and interactive audience will be more attractive to business partners, distributors, marketers and anyone else whom may benefit from your powerful, prolific media coverage. The ability to drive awareness to your strategic alliances places you in a powerfully attractive negotiable position.  




 Employees and vendors can be the best brand ambassadors and promoters of your organization. 

Keep them informed to execute your agenda with accelerating efficiency.



 Engage your customers with entertaining content that integrates into their daily media diet.  Informing your existing customers and potential customers with multi dimensional content creates loyalty and trust. 



 Do you think investors want to invest in one of 50 other competitors that rarely communicate with them, or with your company that delivers consistent transparent information that relates specifically to their needs?