Member Organizations are Subject Focus Organizations

What are Transparent Subject Focus Organizations?

Subject Focus Organizations are companies or other organizations that have decided to go transparent and open their organization to their audiences to better inform them through Market News First's news coverage platform.

Each SFO has a unique contribution to society- some for profit and others not for profit. Regardless of their agenda, our mission is to tell their story and chronicle their journey in carrying out their agenda, for all stakeholders of that organization at every level. 

This is an important mission. Delivering transparency is a grand responsibility and so significant because it establishes the bar for all participants in society. Obscurity is a present danger to society and not to be confused with privacy.  Obscurity hides agendas threatening to societies who claim their rights to exist under our great republic of the United States of America. Obscurity permits destructive behavior to persist without resistance. Unchecked, it may rear its ugly head and often presents itself under different banners alternative to its real agenda. 

Therefore organizations taking the challenge to go transparent to better interact with their stakeholders will enjoy the benefits of stronger relationships and efficacy of agenda execution. Today's technology provides the potential for immediate votes of interested Americans to actually manage the country, states and towns with a level of accountability unprecedented. The same applies to any and all organizations. Transparency allows for quicker correction of bad planning and execution by policy makers and executives of every organization akin to avoiding an accident of an oncoming car by identifying and recognizing the danger and swerving to avoid the accident. 

Transparency is not a word. It is a commitment to all stakeholders of that organization that accountability and execution is founded upon the respect of all stakeholders interacting with that organization. 

That is important. 

Our mission to deliver transparency via daily market news coverage, is critical to supporting people's freedom to make the best decisions that benefit them individually as to where to spend their time, effort and resources. Their understanding and trust with organizations is critical to honoring their integrity and rights equivalent to everyone else. 

We will carry this mission out with amain bravura.