Lets write an excellent future together!

Welcome Interns!

We are truly honored you are considering us for your internship. We take journalism seriously and believe deeply in our duties and responsibilities. Continue reading below to learn our promises and commitment  to helping you become the most valuable journalist you can become. 

Our Promises to you

We understand that you have goals and dreams for yourself and we want to help you achieve them.  Hopefully with us but we understand if you want to take your creativity and craft somewhere else. Friendly contacts make life easier for everyone and at the least we hope to be a great resource for you. 

That said, here is a list of promises made up front:

  1. We will respect your time  
  2. We will be truthful
  3. On that note: We Will Train You to be a real journalist 
  4. We will push you to excellence in writing
  5. We will push you to meet deadlines
  6. We will guide you through conflicts
  7. We will listen to you 
  8. We will respect your opinion and creativity
  9. We will defend your work
  10. We will seek to identify your strengths and weaknesses
  11. We will honor our journalistic code of ethics

Our Expectations of You


You will have fun and find joy in your work! That is expected or we will quit too! 


  1. Take your internship seriously and discover your limits. This will help you and our entire profession for the rest of your life. 
  2. Communicate your concerns, needs, confusions and anything else honestly with us. This way we can help you succeed and help you to discover your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and passions. Psst... If you love what you do  its paid joy!
  3. Listen to, learn and follow instructions from your Jungle-Guide!
  4. Accept Challenges. Challenge yourself to observe objectivity.
  5. Follow Our Journalistic Code of Ethics.

Whats a Jungle Guide?

You will be assigned to assist a professional journalist upon acceptance in MN1 Intern program. That Journalist will be your jungle guide. They are not expecting coffee, just producing copy on deadline. Your jungle guide will be the most valuable tool in your internship and your most frequent point of contact. If you have problem with your jungle guide, please contact your nearest supervisor and they will solve it. You are actually helping your jungle guide with real world news articles and videos so be cognizant of time. Time is always o the essence in this business. On that note: Stop reading this page and get to work! Don't know what to do? Call your jungle guide. 

Finally, and here is your first lesson: Never rely on a single means of contact. Use every means available to reach your jungle guide, a story lead, a source, etc. Call, text, email, social media, knock on door, smoke signals and even call people who know them. If you want to reach someone, then you will. 

Welcome to being unstoppable.