Frequently asked Questions


Why would we pay for news?

You are guaranteeing news coverage on you and distribution to your stakeholders. Paying a third party platform guarantees your stakeholders 3rd party journalists are consistently questioning, chronicling and reporting  objective news stories relevant to immediate stakeholder concerns.

How do we pay for news and maintain credibility?

Fiduciary Responsibility.  Lawyers, accountants, board members, business licensing, and regulators all get paid by the company, yet still maintain their fiduciary responsibility to the stakeholders.  Actually the MN1 news association model is the first real guarantee of legitimate, consistent transparency.

How does advertising and influence work on the platform?

MN1 eliminates 3rd party influence by eliminating the need for advertising. This is one of the most powerful tools you can offer your community of followers. The current news media model pays their  journalists with third-party advertising dollars. How smart is it really to be vulnerable to competitors and enemies by placing competitor ads in articles and videos telling your stakeholders their products/ services are better?  Besides, when news agencies depend on other means to pay their costs, they are no longer in the news business- they're in the selling and pleasing business. 

How is this different from Public Relations?

Real Journalists independently cover your organization and consistently produce news to better inform your audiences of actual agenda, policy and execution within your organization. However, the content generated every single day on your company will feed real, vetted, interesting media to your marketing, PR and IR departments daily.  

How does this defend against fake and malicious statements about us?

Just like the President has utilized the Whitehouse Press Corps, you too will have a centralized news facility that verifies news and data before publishing. Your stakeholders and community will quickly learn to trust the news about you through mn1- because it is the only real news coverage on you.

Question Not Here?

If you have questions not covered or wish to have more information regarding these, please contact us and ask away. We are here to help you maximize awareness of your contribution to society.