MN1 Operational Guidelines:

Congress shall make no law...abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.

Market News First is dedicated to upholding the 4th Estate as a necessary component to the republic.

Transparency Delivered for the People



Is a Freely Outward Expressive Organization designed to provide 3rd Party Journalistic News Coverage. We are a news intelligence gathering agency delivering important information to stakeholders in subject-focused organizations (SFO's).

We are structured to serve the people- No One Else!

We work for the people. We do not Work for the Company, nor any other field of influence such as advertisers, nor those that control the emission of information. We serve stakeholders as a whole in each company we provide direct correspondence coverage to. 

Our Journalists are honest, open-minded and willing to get to the information that affects the stakeholders, regardless of the power structure and influence over them. 

Corporate Transparency


LPMG is our parent company

MN1 provides news coverage at (, hereinafter referred to as  'MN1' is a news agency owned, operated and produced by Lankford Media & Production Group, Inc. hereinater referred to as (LPMG).

LPMG owns and operates Copyrighted and Trademarked names, marks, concepts and content produced on, in or by and issued on, in or by LPMG, under the names and operations arms of LankfordMediaGroup, Lankford Media, HeavyGProductions, Eleven34, MarketnewsFirst, MN1 and any and all private and public utility, either owned, leased, or subscribed, serving the means of generation and delivery of its content to its subscribers.


Information Scarcity Costs Millions in Losses

Millions of Dollars are lost daily in markets due to lack of transparency and information scarcity. Contributing your time and money to organizations & companies that have not taken correct measures to keep you truly informed is the cause of losses of $Billions of your dollars. If you remain uninformed, then your contribution is unrepresented and ultimately looted.

However, you now have the option to prevent losses to information scarcity and be truly informed as a stakeholder in each and every organization you contribute your money and energy to.

Market News First provides this option to stakeholders, customers & employees through their organization, with an unprecedented, highly efficient news information delivery model; designed to provide extremely robust, interesting and informative intelligence in a convenient, enjoyable delivery to each stakeholder in each organization. MN1 ultimately resolves information scarcity, preventing massive losses throughout the markets. 

Market News First achieves unprecedented delivery of fully transparent information to the people that matter by dedicating a full news correspondence team with full, 24/7 focus on each singular organization, to ensure a free press, providing robust, daily news coverage of your organization.

Isn't it time to be truly informed?  So you can make decisions that meet your agenda and not someone else's!

Markets are the fuel of civilization and accurate, timely information is critical to the people driving the markets. The Stakeholders are the people driving the markets. Its time for the people to drive the markets from a truly-informed position. 


When Truth's Forgotten! When did simple, true and consistent information become impossible to gather and when it is, to become the alternative view?

MN1 delivers true, consistent information from behind the facade and nomenclature of an unspoken alliance, so You Can Be Truly Informed.

Want To Maximize Profits? Then Cut The Strings; And be truly informed by a robust news correspondence team dedicated to your organization. | Transparency Delivered




 Keep getting sporadic information from unverified sources and people making decisions based on agenda you are uninformed of- at every level of each market you are a stakeholder in. Or choose Market News First and be truly informed. 



 BE TRULY INFORMED of ALL Information that affects YOU by an independent news correspondence team dedicated to the stakeholders, delivering important market news on your company/ organization 24/7. 


Everyone Wins at Registration

 The Greatest Value by committing to become fully transparent is the true collaboration and documentation of the growth and success of your organization. Each organization of value is significant to advancing civilization because it has a purpose. The clearer that purpose is consistently explained and the agenda clearly defined to an aware public, and all of the actions to achieve that agenda are documented and published, the easier it is to clarify the value of your organization's purpose by society, which is necessary to attract and permit people to back that agenda with their strengths and conscience. Your commitment makes a clear and decisive step toward advancing civilization more efficiently and honorably. The whole world wins, starting with you, by allowing Market News First to deliver transparency to the people that matter. 

There are three parties to this transaction: 1) The Company/ Organization which becomes the Subject Focus Organization; 2) The Stakeholders, which are the true subscribers through their aggregated ownership in the SFO, and; 3) The News Agency which is committed to delivering robust information and intelligence about your entire organization to the stakeholders and the world at large. 


It's Time to Take Your Organization Transparent!

 Register Your Organization to Become a Transparent SFO